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Why Choose Chris Candies?

For an experienced manufacturing company that is focused exclusively on molded chocolate, private label/contract manufacturing and your success, there are many reasons to look to Chris Candies — your secret ingredient.

Expertise: We have been serving the industry for 70 years and 100 percent of our production is private label/contract manufacturing of molded chocolate products.

Specialized Products: We specialize – and excel – in molding products with high percentages of dry inclusions such as cereals, nutmeats and fruits and 1-shot depositing for soft centers.

Niche Products: We were the first processor of organic chocolate in the U.S. Other niche products include probiotic chocolate, sugar free and no-sugar added bars, protein energy bars and seasonal novelties.

State-of-the-Art Facility: We recently installed Bosch Robotic packing and supporting equipment at our 30,000 square foot plant, which also features three molding lines, liquid storage capacity, high speed Bosch flow wrappers, foil and paper bar wrappers.

Certification: Our impressive list of accreditations include SQF Code Edition 7.1-Level 3, Kosher Certified OU-D Orthodox Union of the New York, Organic Certified – CCOF, SEDEX – Ethical Business Practices, Gluten Free and Vegan certified products.

Quality & Safety: Our quality program is unmatched. We routinely exceed the stringent quality requirements of our customers for Allergen Control Procedures, HACCP Plans, Pathogen Monitoring, Raw Material Management, SQF Program, Sanitation Program, Good Manufacturing Practices, Lot Tracing, Biosecurity Plans and more.

Inspections: We conduct regular on-site inspections and internal and external audits to maintain the highest quality and safest product possible.

High Capacity:  We operate 24 hours a day producing millions of pounds of chocolate a year, and have capacity for 350,000 pounds of liquid chocolate storage and 60,000 pounds of melting capacity. Projects typically run from 10,000 to 500,000 pounds.

Service: Our committed staff is continuously trained, knowledgeable and dedicated to the success of each customers’ product and program.

Sourcing: We use certified chocolate manufactured domestically and internationally. Our customers determine the chocolate and ingredient sources for their special product.